How to Install Stock or Custom Recovery


Flashing custom recovery will void your warranty. The author will not be held liable for any damage on your unit. Don’t forget to make a backup of your files and apps to prevent data loss during flashing procedure. Follow at your own risk.

Do not update via OTA Wireless update when you are using custom recovery, your device will be bootlooped.






  • Download any custom recovery of your choice from our site. Only download recovery applicable to your device (E.g. If you have Flare 4, download only custom/stock recovery for Flare 4).
  • Downloading and flashing recovery from other units will result in bootloop/brick of your device.


  1. Place your downloaded stock/custom recovery into your external sdcard. (You can also place it into your phone storage if you don’t have a external sdcard).
  2. Open Rashr, then tap I know the risk when a warning dialog appears.
  3. Select Recovery from Storage.
  4. Locate your stock/custom recovery.img file then select it.
  5. A warning dialog will appear, tap YES.
  6. A Partition Flashed dialog will appear, tap NO to exit.
  7. Congratulations! You have successfully flashed a custom recovery.



  • To all porters & developers of thses custom recoveries
  • To developer of Rashr app
  • for the banner image



12 thoughts on “How to Install Stock or Custom Recovery

    1. What is your phone model?
      You should have flashed the recommended custom recovery to avoid most problems.
      This methods might help:
      -Try to turn it off by removing the battery. Then turn it again.
      -If it is stuck on boot logo again, try to access the recovery by turning off your phone, then press & hold power and volume up, until the logo appears, then release the buttons. The custom recovery you flashed should appear. Then flash the current ROM you are using, just do not wipe anything.


      1. hi.. my cm flare s4 was hang on logo after I update the OTA wireless upadate.. can I flash it in stock rom without pc or loptop? TIA


    1. Because some CWM for devices listed here are just ported from other devices. Not from an original CWM source.
      Modders or porters might also have tampered the UI or functionality of these custom recoveries.


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