[LEAKED] Cherry Mobile Defender: Military-grade Smartphone for Everyone

Continuous leaking of the new batch of Cherry Mobile devices almost include premium devices w/ elegant design. But the finding of a smartphone strong enough even for brutal usage is will finally be at our fingertips. Based on user experiences posted on many social media websites, many of the company's phone are prone to breaking and fast degradation. That is why we were astonished to see a rugged and sturdy device to be offered by the company.

[LEAKED] Cherry Mobile NEW Wave of Premium Flare Series

With still no announcements or teasers, Cherry Mobile has been silent even after the widespread of a presumed brochure of their NEW wave of Premium Flare series that might be released this year. It has been a year after the release of the last generation of Flare series, so an announcement of NEW batch of the series is overdue.