How to Fix Bootloop/Softbrick


Make sure to create backup of your files, sms, contacts, apps and settings as this guide might delete the files of your phone (excluding sdcard). Installing custom recovery or any software modifications will void the warranty of your device.

You can also send your device to Cherry Mobile Service Center if you are not confident and skilled enough to fix your unit. Although most of the time, repair of your unit/s might take weeks even months.


METHOD 1 [Flare4/S4/S4Plus]

[via Stock Recovery->Fastboot]

(Skip to Method 2 if you already have custom recovery already installed)


  • CM Flare (atleast 70% battery charge)
  • USB Cable
  • Windows PC/Laptop (Windows 7 32-bit preferred)



  1. Make sure that you have enabled USB Debugging & OEM Unlocking in Developer Options, otherwise this procedure may fail.
  2. Install ADB and VCOM drives while your phone is connected to your PC.
  3. Turn off your phone. Then boot to Recovery by press & holding power & volume up button at the same time, release when the Flare logo appears. No command will appear, press & hold power & volume button and release after 2 seconds, repeat until the recovery menu appears.
  4. Choose Reboot to bootloader.
  5. Extract open the minimal fastboot folder and run the Run_me.bat file. Then plug in your phone to your PC.
  6. In the cmd console window, type this command then press enter:
    fastboot oem unlock
  7. Wait for the process to complete. The procedure will format and perform an automatic factory reset on the device, thus deleting all of your files in the internal storage. Turn off your device after the operation completes.


(Skip this if you have custom recovery already installed)

  1. Repeat steps 3 and 4 from the previous instructions.
  2. On your PC, copy the recovery.img to the minimal fastboot folder.
  3. In the cmd console window, type this command then press Enter:
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  4. After the flashing completes, disconnect your device then turn if off.


METHOD 2 [Flare4/S4/S4Plus]

[via Custom Recovery]


  1. Boot your device in recovery mode by pressing power & volume up button, release after the Flare logo appears.
  2. Flash the flashable (stock/custom) ROM of your device in custom recovery.  (Do not wipe anything)
  3. Congratulations! Your device is now fixed from bootloop!




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