How to Flash ROMs, Xposed Framework, Fonts, GApps or any Flashable zip


Flashing custom ROMs and/or tweaks will void your warranty. The author will not be held liable for any damage on your unit. Don’t forget to make a backup of your files and apps to prevent data loss during flashing procedure. Follow at your own risk.

Do not update via OTA Wireless update when you are rooted, your device will be bootlooped.


1. Custom Recovery

2. Flashable zip file


  • Xposed framework sdk22 arm64 sdk


  • Flashable zip (Font/Tweak/Mod/GApps)

    • Download zip file/s from link provided by the developer/creator
    • For GApps:


  1. Download the zip file and place it in your sdcard. (You can also use your phone storage)
  2. Reboot in CWM, TWRP or Philz recovery (Completely turn off phone, press and hold power + vol up until Flare logo appears, then release)
  3. Follow steps:
    • [CWM/Philz] Use volume buttons to navigate the menus, power buttonto select the item
    • [TWRP] Use touchscreen to navigate the menus
  4. Select Install Zip
  5. Follow steps:
    • [CWM/Philz] Select choose zip from /sdcard (phone storage) OR/storage/sdcard1 (external sdcard)
    • [TWRP] Select storage location (Internal Storage/MicroSDCard) then press OK
  6. Locate & select the xposed sdk or tweak zip file
  7. Follow steps:
    • [for CWM/Philz] Select Yes – *Install zip_file*
    • [for TWRP] Swipe slider to install
  8. After successful deletion, follow steps:
    • [CWM] Reboot Phone > Yes > Yes – Fix root (/system/xbin/su
    • [TWRP] Reboot > Reboot System
    • [Philz] Reboot Phone
  9. Congratulations! You have successfully flashed a ROM, xposed sdk or flashable tweak.


  • To all the porters of our Custom Recoveries and Custom ROMs
  • To the developers of our Xposed app & sdk and Flashable zips
  • Open GApps Project

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