Here are the available stock and custom recovery for Cherry Mobile Flare S4. If have no idea to install them on your rooted device, head on to How to Install Stock or Custom Recovery.

Stock Recovery

Custom Recovery

CWM (recommended)


  • TWRP custom recovery (v3.0.2-3): Download
  • touch not working (use mouse via usb otg port)


  • Older backup are not compatible with the latest version
  • Make new backup with latest version of TWRP
  • For change logs go to TWRP site.





46 thoughts on “Flare S4 Recovery

  1. Goodeve po. How could I return the old os of my flare s4 into v1.1 without rooting the phone nor installing the rooted version of the 1.1 Thanks
    (btw…v1.4 made my fkare s4 autoreebot)


    1. If you are using v1.4 and still experiencing auto reboots. You may try flashing the autoreboot fix from Flare S4 UNITED FB Group. Check it in their files section, filename is “” without the quotes.


      1. It did fixed the autoreboot.
        The problem is the front camera is pixelated, dot colors when taking selfie, unlike v1.4 taking selfie has ko dot colors/pixelated, I think the boot.img is from v1.3


      2. The fixed is from v1.1 (boot.img)
        Has a camera problem when taking selfie, pixelated/dot colors

        Compare to boot.img v1.4 front camera has no dot colors/pixelated


      1. The best fixed for autoreboot is installing an app called Wakeup Touch Nexus, then set it up to fix the autoreboot

        The autorebootrepair did fixed the issue but the problem is the front camera is blurry/dot colors/pixelated


      2. If you have rooted and modified any system files, your phone will enter in bootloop mode or softbrick after using OTA update. Reprogram using SPFT or send it to a cellphone technician.


    1. 1. download latest kingroot and root your phone.
      2. download flashify.
      3. download from google.(you need to open via mega app)
      4. download cwm recovery for flare s4.
      5. open flashify and flash recovery image. choose the cwm recovery you downloaded.
      6. reboot to recovery.
      7. choose install zip and locate the from either your internal or sdcard memory. flash it.
      8. reboot your phone normally. fixed.
      9. Learn how to search for answers. theres so many in google. dont be dependent on others. dont be lazy.


  2. To those who are having autoreboot issue, just install Wakeup Touch Nexus, then go to settings of it then set it up in order to fix autoreeboot.

    The did fixed the issue but the problem is the front camera, blurry/pixelated/dot colors.

    It is better to use Wakeup Touch Nexus than flashing fs4autorebootfix


    1. You might want to try flashing v1.1 via SPFT.
      We apologize as we don’t have guide for it. Try Google or YouTube videos.
      If you are unsure, lacking requirements or knowledge, you might want to try to repair it from the nearest cellphone repair shop.


  3. Nagamit ko na po yung autoreboot kaso yung front cam ang nagkaroon ng minor problem try ibalik sa date yung cam mga gm.


  4. may time na nachambahan kong hindi siya nag auto reboot but the problem is pag nag auto reboot some of my files specially the downloaded mp3’s nawawala na lang parang nacocorupt siya


  5. I really love the 7.1 rom for my s4. It made my phone cooler and easier to use. I got one problem. I wanna make my sdcard as addition to its internal storage but it always says “java problem etc.” Btw I used the december 2016 rom aosp7.1 and not the feb2017. Thanks more powers guys. 😍


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