New/Another Smartphone: Check this out before buying

Things needed

  • Two (2) SIM cards (for dual sim phones, otherwise one (1) is enough)
  • MicroSD card
  • [Optional] USB OTG cable w/ USB flash drive (fat32 formatted)


Check the following

  • WiFi, Bluetooth at Cellular Data if it has good coverage and works as expected
  • SMS and calling function if it can receive and send SMS and place calls (test the earpiece & loudspeaker)
  • Detects your microSD card
  • Play songs using loudspeaker and thru earphones
  • Defects, visible dents, or broken seals
  • Packaging contents if the items are complete like usb cable, charger, earphones, battery, unit and manual, guide and if the box is sealed (transparent plastic covering the whole box)
  • Display for screen bleeding and dead/stuck pixels
  • Charging and no ghost touch while doing so
  • Download CPUZ or Droid Info to check device specs
  • [Optional: Device has OTG feature] Plug in any usb flash drive (fat32 formatted),  see if it can detect it.



  • Always ask for an official receipt of your purchased unit.
  • Different units may have different features, test them too.
  • Check GSM Arena or do a quick search for the device specs.
  • Different units may have different packaging contents, ask the store if any item is missing.

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